Benedict Todd

Organist · Composer · Conductor

Terms & Conditions for Score Purchases

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Electronic (PDF) scores - licensing

When buying electronic PDF copies of any of Benedict’s music, you are also buying a license to print a certain number of physical copies of the score in that file. The licensed number of prints you wish to make will be taken as being equal to the number entered in the ‘Quantity’ boxes on this page and, therefore, payed for through the Paypal shopping cart. Details of this license will be embedded in the electronic score file. In order to purchase music from this site, you must agree to abide by the terms of this license (by ticking the box below) and not print more copies than you are licensed to.

For example: You wish to perform one of Benedict’s compositions with your choir of thirty singers. You would like the scores delivered electronically. You should therefore choose the PDF option next to the relevant piece on this page and enter 30 (or 31 — don’t forget the conductor!) in the ‘Quantity’ box. You will receive one electronic PDF file of the score detailing that you are personally* licensed and permitted to print thiry-one physical copies of that score file.

*If you would prefer the license to be in the name of your group/organisation, rather than your personal name, please add a note to your order explaining this or contact us.

Quantity discounts

To help facilitate performances of pieces which require the purchase of a large number of scores — mainly the choral compositions on this page — we offer a bulk discount on some scores. Due to technical limitations with the Paypal shopping cart system, the first score purchased will always be at the full price, any subsequent scores then being at the indicated discounted price. This reduction will be calculated and appear as a single discount value in the Paypal shopping cart.

We believe our prices are fair. However, if you are interested in performing one of these pieces and would like to discuss this quantity discount with us directly, please feel free to contact us.


Delivery of all electronic PDF scores purchsed will be by email. Please make sure you supply a valid email address during the Paypal checkout process.

Delivery of all physical, printed scores will be by Royal Mail within the UK. The postage charges automatically added in the Paypal cart are only valid for the UK. If you need items delivered outside the UK, please contact us directly to place your order.

Please note: All items are produced ‘on demand’. We will endeavour to fulfill all orders within one week. Although we are often much quicker than this, on occassion it may take a little longer.

Returns & Liabilty

We are happy to accept reurns of purchased physical, printed scores & materials if returned within 14 days of you receiving them. Items should be unmarked and in the same condition as when received.

Please note though that we cannot accept returns of electronic PDF scores once dispatched to you. By accepting these terms you agree to waive the right to return any such items.

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any hardware or equiptment used to receive, access or open electronic scores & materials (although how that would happen from opening a PDF file, I really don't know!).