Benedict Todd

Organist · Composer · Conductor

Psallite Regi Magno
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Psallite Regi Magno

  • Composed: 19 - 27 February 2015
  • Duration: 5 ½ min
  • Instrumentation: Choir (SATB div.)

  • Notes: This piece, designed for use as a motet during eastertide, sets the text of an antiphon for Easter Day found in the 11th century Winchester Troper (with a small additional ‘trope’ from the composer). The text is no longer in common usage, but the strong poetic imagery and phrasing, which seemed so ripe for a fresh musical realisation, speak as strongly now of the Easter mystery as they must have done in medieval Winchester.

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Psallite regi magno devicto mortis imperio, eia : Resurrexit

Dormivi pater, exurgam diluculo, et somnus meus dulcis est mihi : Posuisti super me.

Ita pater, sic placuit ante te, ut moriendo mortis mors fuissem, morsus inferni et vita mundo : Mirabilis.

Qui abscondisti haec sapientibus et revelasti parvulis

Alleluia, Alleluia.

Words from the Winchester Troper
Sing praises to the great king who has conquered the rule of death, see: resurrected.

I slept father, I rise at dawn, and my sleep was sweet to me: you have set over me.

Thus father, as satisfaction was put before you, in order that by dying I had become the death of death, the scourge of hell and life to the world: wonderful.

Who has hidden these things from wise man and revealed them to the very young

Alleluia, Alleluia.

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